CASE STUDY: Prairie Grove Public Schools


AAA Business Systems aids a public school district with strategically placed multifunctional printers, which supports their print budget better than the desktop printers installed prior, and assists them with more efficient mail solutions in place of their current non-supported devices.

Prairie Grove Public Schools serving nearly two thousand students in the town of Prairie Grove Arkansas has unabated dedication to its nearly two thousand students, around fifty faculty members, and countless community members. Since education is their primary focus, Prairie Grove Public Schools needed technology that keeps them propelling forward in this forward-thinking society.


Problem: In 2012, Prairie Public School District faced a “nightmare of a problem” according to Technology Coordinator Administrator, Shawn Witt. “We were over budget on laser printers and had no support.” These laser printers were also only monochrome and without the advantages to newer office equipment causing jams to workflow and not engaging materials.


Solution: AAA Business Systems installed color copiers placed at strategic access points to provide easy access for faculty to not only print in color, but also scan, copy, and scan to email. These new features improved workflow even with the few extra steps to their designated multifunctional printer.

“Due to these strategic placements, areas and classes that never had a printer before has access to one now.” Witt continues, “For example, our High School Computer Lab didn’t have one and now they do. All we had to do was place a call into our Representative, Kenny Rohrbach and the AAA

team came out to help move a machine that wasn’t in a prime location to a more strategic one for the use of the computer lab.”


Each of the fifty MFPs/Copiers have an easy-to-see AAA Business Systems service tag located on the front of the machine. “Great professional service and a quick response time is one of the reasons we were drawn to AAA Business Systems. In the last six years, we have had little issues with the printers and when we do, AAA Business Systems gives us prompt service”, Witt states. Before Prairie Grove School District struggled with staying on budget with their printers, but with AAA Business Systems, Witt says, “keeping on a budget is easier because the printer cost is more predictable. Our bill is tailored to our needs and budget.”


Problem: While the color MFP’s solved a lot of their printing problems, Prairie Grove School District still had several HP printers they needed to use for special reasons. Prairie Grove School District decided to use a competitor for the HP printer service contract for two years. They thought they would receive the same level of service because the competitor’s business structure was a lot like AAA Business Systems. However, they discovered great service is not an industry standard.


Solution: After struggling with subpar service on their HP printers for two years, their contract came to an end and Prairie Grove Public School District allowed AAA Business Systems to come in and perform a printer assessment on their equipment setup.  Afterwards, AAA Business Systems provided a quote that was very price comparable to their current costs, allowing them to save money on a new contract.  In addition, Prairie Grove School District has discovered the same level of service on their multifunctional printers is identical to the level of service they receive on their printers.


Problem: Another issue Prairie Grove School District faced was consistent problems with their postage machines, which malfunctioned regularly, and the service was nonexistent. Witt claims, “Previously, we were on the phone with support with another mail machine company almost daily and once a call lasted for over an hour with no one offering to come out and look at the machine.  Once we were told they would not come out and look at the machine. It was awful!”

Solution:  When Prairie Grove School District heard of the experience our AAA Business Systems team has with postage machine and how we started carrying FP Mailing, they were eager to switch.  “We switched because of the great service we had been receiving from AAA Business Systems for years.  We’ve only had the machines a few weeks, but we haven’t had an issue at all.  This has been a huge relief to our IT department and staff because it allows us to focus on more important things.”

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