CASE STUDY: City of Tahlequah

Harold Spieckermann, Sr. Acct. Manager, recently had an opportunity to assist a local city office with a solution for an issue they had with presentations.


Problem: City of Tahlequah, Oklahoma was remodeling the city council chambers and wanted professional display units installed as they had purchased consumer grade products for other projects and the fail rate was not acceptable.


They wanted to be able to have someone stand at the center podium and be able to present a concept the audience and department heads could see too.  When Harold met with the IT Director, they worked together to create a design concept to solve their problem. Harold roughly sketched out the solution he and the IT Director came up with and then they both met with the City Manager for the approval to move forward with a formal proposal.


Solution: Harold recommended two Sharp PN-R706 units and one Sharp PN-R606 unit. Both interactive display models are known for their high quality, crystal-clear imagery to guarantee visibility anywhere in the room and ensured the City of Tahlequah a great refresh rate for presentations.  All three units were mounted on Peerless Swivel and tilt mounts for easy maneuverability. The two larger units face the audience and the third unit is used for the department heads as they sit behind the council members. For the council members’ easy viewing, Harold added ten 10 in. monitors.

Above: view from Council chairs
Below: view from audience

The solution provided flawless viewing for the entire committee for meetings and presentations.  When recently asked, the IT Director indicated how he appreciated the project start-to-finish.  When all of the pieces were deployed, the connected system performed as expected and promised.