Business Network Solutions

Managed IT Services


BNS,  founded in 2001, has one mission in mind: to provide businesses with reliable, prompt and competitively priced computer and network services so they can get the most from their IT investment. With BNS’ philosophy based on their ability to understand the unique needs of each client, BNS creates a hardware and software solution designed to provide intelligent networking.

BNS’ business model’s foundation is five fundamental components:
Expert advice and technical support,
Leading edge technology,
Order convenience,
Fast order delivery, and
Competitive cost.

Even more, BNS tackles workstation and peripheral issues, servers, infrastructure problems, and software updates. Assisting with facility moves should their client relocate, BNS can quickly perform almost any task. Their proven motto is “plan our work and work our plan,” and you benefit from their purposeful approach. BNS has years of experience providing IT support to the medical, accounting, local government sectors, and more.  Business Network Services prides themselves in their knowledgeable technicians and fast response time.

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