Ricoh Smart Device Print & Scan

This past weekend our sales representative Nestor Magdaleno gave a great tutorial and this may interest many of you, especially if you store a lot of documents in the cloud or on your phone (like the 500 pictures you can’t bear to delete but never find time to download). Ricoh has a mobile app called the Ricoh Smart Device Print & Scan. You can print anything from your phone and it’s a simple process.
Click on the app on your smartphone:
We are going to connect the phone to the multifunctional printer. Click on settings and then devices to search for the device you want print to. You want to make sure the correct model number is selected.
Next you will click on print and choose a picture or a document of your choice. In the tutorial, Nestor chooses a cute picture of his son. Click on apply and then premiere it which is located in the right corner. This will be the same for Apple or Android smart devices. Nestor suggests to check your settings before you print to ensure everything is the way you want it. When you check your print settings, you can choose color or black and white. You can also choose the paper size, such as, legal, tabloid, or document. The print is sent immediately to the copier.
Nestor also discusses device connection issues. You can connect the MFP and the smart device with a QR code. Pull up the QR code on the MFP and scan it using your QR reader on your phone. You now have complete access. To watch the tutorial and get better acquainted with Ricoh Smart Device Print & Scan AND Nestor, click here.
The Print & Scan app comes with a variety of features: You can print from several sources using security functions and scan documents and import them into a mobile ready program so you have them at your fingertips while you’re on the go. Print & Scan also supports many different MFPs, printers, follow me style print servers, and several tested Android models. For more details on what the Ricoh Smart Device Print & Scan app covers, click here.