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As a Document Management Solution for over 25 years, DocuWare has been known as a global expert in the successful implementation of ECM (Electronic Content Management) systems for companies of all sizes. Over 14,000 companies with more than 125,000 users are entrusting DocuWare to manage their most critical documents.

Document Management provides solutions for many of our customers based on their workflow issues.

Finance & Accounting

AAA Business Systems and Docuware understand the need to leverage talent and time efficiently is imperative.  Therefore, old paper and manual processes cause monetary figures to take too long.  DocuWare’s automated process centralizes valuable documents and process information inside the software. DocuWare also integrates into your ERP directly.

Accounts Payable

DocuWare captures paper and electronic invoices and automatically matches them to purchase orders. Therefore, accounts payable can quickly record and book costs.  DocuWare is set up with customizable workflows to manage your approval process.

Afterward, DocuWare posts the approved amounts back to the general ledger through pre-built ERP integrations.  You can get rid of paper, avoid clerical errors, reduce invoice handling, streamline approval, and eliminate manual entry.

Accounts Receivable

Accounts receivable can speed up collections. Creating fast generated invoices, DocuWare also provides trackable individual payment plans.


Last, but most importantly, financial audits are no longer scary.  With DocuWare‘s organized system customized to your processes, all documents are one click away. These documents include email, letters, or contracts, which connects to your financial records.

Human Resources

With DocuWare, businesses can centralize, organize, and secure their employees’ data.  Also, recruiting and annual review processes improve due to the organization.

Sales and Marketing

Your sales and marketing team need their customer and prospect knowledge to be in one centralized location.  DocuWare includes the option of being cloud-based, allowing your sales staff to reach information from wherever they are.  Docuware is also real-time.  All of these benefits allow your sales and marketing teams to capture, access, and share prospect and customer information in seconds.

The Right Choice for Every Company

  1. For companies of all sizes, across industries, within departments.
  2. Flexible expansion options.
  3. Individual, simple integration with specialized applications.
  4. Identical cloud solutions as on-premise.

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