Meet the Team

Meet Our Office Technology Expert Team


Wade Timmermann, Owner

Wade Timmermann


Industry Experience: 39 years

Interests: hunting & fishing with his 3 sons

For more about Wade, click here to read our blog post!

Donna Bobbitt


Industry Experience: 20 years

Interests: Hanging out with friends, riding 4 wheelers, zip lining, hiking trails, taking a long drive on a nice day, traveling, laying on the beach, and spur of the moment weekend trips

Betty Harp Support Fayetteville

Betty Harp

Administrative Assistant

Industry Experience: 39 years

Interests: sewing and camping.

For more about Betty, click here to read our blog post!

Craig Perdue Purchasing Manager Inventory Control

Craig Perdue

Purchasing Manager/Inventory Control

Industry Experience: 33 years

Interests: woodworking, camping, and astronomy

Megan Owens, admin fayetteville

Megan Owens

Contract Coordinator

Industry Experience: 8 years

Interests: Megan enjoys her 2 dogs, traveling, cooking, and doing make-up. Her husband and Megan both do competitive body building together.

Carrie Rolf Admin Fayetteville

Carrie Rolf

Administrative Assistant

Industry Experience: 10 years

Interests: Carrie enjoys spending time with her friends and family, especially her sweet granddaughter.  She also enjoys traveling and taking long walks on the beautiful trails of Arkansas.


Chris Cosgrove


Industry Experience: 16 years

Interests: When Chris isn’t working, he enjoys spending time with his wife Christine.  He loves watching soccer, and has coached for over 20 years, as well as most sports.   He also loves spending time exploring Arkansas and all it has to offer.

Technical Support

Lance Dunavant G7 expert

Lance Dunavant

Vice President of Service

Industry Experience: 25 years

Interests: hunting, fishing, wood work, & anything that involves his sons. Click here to read more on Lance!

Ricoh: G7 Expert, Spire (Ricoh Instructor), Pro7200, M501spf/MP601spf, MP2555, MP605spf, MPC307/MPC407, Pro8200, MPC6503/ProC5200, MPC3004/MPC3504, SPC250, D117/D118, M080, MO75, Fax3310L, D127/D128, SP4510/SP3600, MPC2003, MPC3003, MPC401, MP4002/MP5002, Pro8100, MP2554, ProC7100, MP2553, MPC6502/ProC5100, ProC651/ProC751, G071, Aficio 1224c/1232c, B153/B220, AP 3800, IS450, Aficio 6010/6010/6513, Aficio 3006/4506, JP4500, VT3800, JP5000, Pro8300, IM-C2000/C6000

Sharp: T3 Certified (Sharp Instructor), MX-C311/MX-C411SC. DX-B350P/DX-450P, Color Management Essentials, MX-M850/950/1100, MX-M904/1054/1204, Networking Essentials

Dennis Anderson Service

Dennis Anderson

Service Technician

Industry Experience: 42 years

Interests: gardening to landscaping, nature photography, and spending time with grandkids.

For more about Dennis, click here to read our blog post!

Sharp: MX-C311/MX-C411SC, DX-B350P/DX-450P, Color Management Essentials

Paul Aue, Service

Paul Aue

Service Technician

Industry Experience: 43 years

Interests: gardening, amateur radio, and involved with his church

Ricoh: MP2554

Sharp: MX-C311/MX-C411SC, DX-B350P/DX-450P, Color Management Essentials, MX-M904/1054/1204


Terry Parks

Service Technician

Industry Experience: 34 years

Interests: Watching his grandson play soccer and baseball, going to the park with his two dogs, and hanging out with family.

Ricoh: ProC7100,  ProC651/ProC751, MP-C6502/ProC5100, D127/D128, D117/D118, M080

Sharp: MX-M1204-MX-M904, MX-8090N, MX-7040N-MX-6240N, MX-5500-MX-7001,MX-3050N-MX-6070N, MX-4100/4101/5001, MX-2615-MX5141N, MX-M364-MX-M565, MX-2310-MX-5111,  MX-2600 – MX-3100,       Networking Essentials

Charles Fort Service Little Rock

Charles Fort

Service Technician

Industry Experience: 37 years

Interests: Spending time with family and problem-solving


Todd Rosen

Service Technician

Industry Experience: 30 years

Interests: Enjoys mountain biking/cycling, kayaking, and spending as much time outdoors as possible.  Also, engaging with all the friendly people he’s found in Arkansas.


Sam Tindall

Service Technician

Industry Experience: 26 years

Interests: listening to music, spending time with family, watching sports, and traveling


Dean Alven

Service & Software Support

Industry Experience: 34 years

Interests: Hunting, Fishing, Traveling, Sporting Events and Concerts

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Zach Troxell

Service Technician

Industry Experience: 3 years

Interests: spending time with his soon-to-be wife, collecting and listening to vinyl records, hiking, and barbequing.

Norman Elliott Service Little Rock

Norman Elliott

Service Technician

Industry Experience: 12 years

Interests: music (playing guitar and piano/keyboard), archery, playing  horseshoes, video games, spending time with family, and reading a good book.

For more about Norman, click here to read our blog post!

Ricoh: Pro7200,  MPC307/MPC407, MP501spf/MP601spf, MP2555, MP305, MPC3004/MPC3504, D117/D118, ProC7100, Fax3310L, M075, SP4510/SP3600,  MP4002/MP5002, MP2554, D127/D128, MPC2003, D146, MPC3003, MPC401, IM-C2000/C6000

Sharp: MX-C311/MX-C411SC, DX-B350P/DX-450P, Color Management Essentials, MX-M363/453/503N, MX-2600/3100, MX-2615-MX5141N, MX-M565, MX-2310U-MX-5111N, MX-4100/4101/5001, MX-5500-MX-7001, MX-M283-MX-M503, MX-3050N-MX-6070N, Networking Essentials

Maurice LeBeau IT Help Desk

Maurice LeBeau

Help Desk/IT Support

Industry Experience: 30 Years

Interests: Mountain Biking, working out, camping, and riding motorcycles

For more about Maurice, click here to read our blog post!

Ricoh: JP4500

Sharp: MX-C311/MX-C411SC, DX-B350P/DX-450P, Color Management Essentials, AR-M700-AR-M753, Networking Essentials, MX-M623/753, MX-M550/620/700

Britt Dickerson Service

Britt Dickerson

Help Desk/IT Support

Industry Experience: 16 years

Interests: spending time with family

For more about Britt, click here to read our blog post!

Ricoh: MP2554

Sharp: MX-C311/MX-C411SC, DX-B350P/DX-450P, Color Management Essentials, MX-2600/MX-6070N, Networking Essentials


Thomas Flanagan

Service Technician

Industry Experience: 2 years

Interests: loves spending time with God, family, and friends.  And enjoys traveling, work, good challenges, and a balanced life.


Josh Earnhart Sept 2021

Josh Earnhart

Vice President of Sales (NWA)

Industry Experience: 21 years

Interests: Faith, spending time with family, golf, traveling, and watching movies, especially Star Wars.

For more about Josh, click here to read our blog post!

Jay Burgner IT Specialist

Jay Burgner

Solutions Specialist

Industry Experience: 23 years

Interests: Spending time with family, hiking, cooking, and fishing

Ronnie Gates

Solutions Architect

Industry Experience: 31 years

Interests: Spending time with family and enjoy Arkansas great outdoors.

For more about Ronnie, click here to watch is bio video!

Ashley Johnston Little Rock

Ashley Johnston

Senior Sales Representative

Industry Experience: 16 years

Interests: Watching her boys play baseball, volunteering at her sons’ schools, and going to the lake with friends

For more about Ashley, click here to read our blog post!

Kenny Rohrbach DocuWare specialist

Kenny Rohrbach

Senior Sales Representative

Industry Experience: 42 years

Interests: camping, spending time with his 3 grandkids, and motorcycle riding.

For more about Kenny, click here to read our blog post!


Amber Richart

Sales Representative

Industry Experience: 21 years

Interests: Amber and her husband of almost 20 years have 3 children who keep them busy with lots of soccer and swim meets.  She loves the Great Outdoors, like tent camping and boating at Lake DeGray.  When she’s not working, you will find her planning adventures, thrifting, watching sports, or reading all things suspenseful.


Cole Bulloch

Sales Representative

Industry Experience: 6 years

Interests: Cole enjoys spending time with family and his wife while relaxing at the lake.  He also likes hunting fishing, golf, and fitness.

Mike Webb

Sales Representative

Industry Experience: 2 years

Interests: Mike is an avid outdoorsman and loves anything involving the outdoors, such as hunting and fishing, golfing, and sports events. He also loves to cook and entertain.  Mike has three amazing children and loves spending time with them!

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