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In the world of digital workplaces, you have the opportunity to empower your team and allow them to collaborate on projects together, engage in a more efficient atmosphere, and create solutions that truly inspire.

  • Spectacular 1080p HD Touchscreen Interface
  • 60, 70, & 80″ Options
  • Draw & Annotate Directly on the Screen
  • Display, Share & Store Documents & Presentations
  • User-friendly Interface
  • Connect & Print Directly to a Sharp MFP
  • Customizable & Built-in Backgrounds
  • Play Video & Audio Files
  • Display Digital Signage, Certified for 24/7 Continuous Operation
  • Enhanced Anti-glare and Fingerprint Reduction
  • Multi-touch/User System

Success Stories

User-friendly Pen Software

Using the touch pen, you can easily launch and display the Pen Software user interface – a menu comprised of smartly arranged icons that provide easy access to pen settings and functions. Each pen has its own dedicated menu, which can be displayed even when up to four people are writing on the screen at the same time.

With the pen, itself, you can draw or annotate right on the screen with the dedicated touch pen.  It’s smooth and light it is like writing on paper.  A pressure sensor at the tip lets you write with high precision and with an effortless, uninterrupted flow.

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