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AAA Business Systems is an authorized reseller and service center for Equus computer systems. Whether you require a desktop, laptop or server, our certified professionals can assist you in finding the system that will best meet your needs. Each Equus computer system includes free delivery and setup, accessory, driver, and software installation, and data transfer from your current system. Equus computer systems include a 1-year part and labor warranty; a 3-year part and labor warranty is also available. Detailed system quotes are available by email, fax or mail; all Equus computer system quotes are guaranteed for 15 days.


Microsoft Software

AAA Business Systems experts are certified in all Microsoft applications.

  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 10
  • Office 2007
  • Office 2010
  • Office 2013
  • Office 2016

Powerful Server Solutions

Performance Reviews & Planning

Help Desk

Vendor Management

Disaster Recovery Solutions

Would you schedule an annual checkup with your doctor to protect your health? Would you draw up a will to protect your family and your legacy? If so, why wouldn’t you backup the data within your company? Be proactive, not reactive.


percent of companies fail within 5 years of data loss. Even if they recover in the short term.


percent of companies never recover from large-scale data loss, going out of business within a year.


Protections to Put in Place: Backup & Storage

What is proactive IT management? All aspects of a companies’ information technology is managed according to a companies’ needs and priorities. These aspects can include the hardware, software, data, and networks. Being proactive is setting a plan and protective services in place before a problem arises. These problems can vary from data loss to a new user being added.

How does proactive IT management help you? An IT department that proactively manages their information technology will be more effective in maintaining its’ internal issues so they can focus their support on the company keeping its competitive edge in its industry. When using proactive IT management, important documents won’t be lost, individual computers will stay running, and software will be problem-free. When you’re proactive, you ensure your business can recover quickly from any IT problem that springs up, making your business able to support uninterrupted service.

Your IT department can’t keep up with the constant internal/external demand of your business.

Backup & Storage


  • Physical and virtual appliances built for easy recovery
  • Recovery assurance (with reliable DR)


  • On-premise protection for fast recovery
  • Local archiving for long-term retention
  • Off-site replication, including to the cloud
  • Cloud-based Disaster Recovery Services

Unified Data Protection

  • All-in-one solution – integrated backup, replication and instant recovery
  • Adaptive deduplication
  • File compression and encryption


Network Safety

  • Attain a higher level of security for all traffic
  • Find threats faster with advanced threat indicators
  • Compromised endpoints are automatically isolated by the firewall, while the endpoint terminates and removes malicious software

Mobile Security

  • Secure SSL VPN remote access

Desktop Support

AAA Business Systems provides a free service to all of our clients known as “Team Viewer”. This software tool allows us to connect with you remotely and resolve any issue within minutes.

How Can the AAA Team Be of Assistance?