3 Upgrades for Law Office’s Technology

Small law firms and large law firms all struggle with the same issue when it comes to making their office more technological for improved workflows, but don’t know where to begin without becoming overwhelmed and frustrated. For many, the stress of future technology issues is enough to throw in the towel. For others, their firm may not be large enough to warrant a large fleet of MFPs, printers, and others to stay on the supposedly “cutting edge.” Plus, is having that much really effective? Below are three upgrades to help get your firm become more innovative while increasing productivity.
Cloud-based Document Management: Document management offers security and built in workflows. However, instead of having your case information stored in servers, utilizing the cloud to store your case information provides two large incentives: no physical servers to maintain, upgrade, etc. and mobility. DocuWare offers this and much more in their cloud based services with no installation and flexible licensing options so you only pay for what you need. Click here for more information: https://www.docuware.com/document-management-products-and-services/docuware-cloud
Multifunctional Printer with Added Features: It’s suggested that you have a centralized multifunctional in a secure location, but added applications that directly benefit legal offices make the MFP efficient. Client Billing Applications for all sizes of legal environments to help firms allocate print costs for client matter. A popular solution is Sharp’s color Advanced Series which is equipped with a built in billing code, and compatible with popular job accounting and client billing applications, like papercut MF. For more detailed information on this machine, click here: http://siica.sharpusa.com/portals/0/downloads/Literature/Color-Advanced-Series-Legal-Vertical.pdf
Interactive Whiteboard for Meetings, Classes, etc.: While some law firms are big enough to have large meetings, all are used for depositions which can be displayed digital or credit counseling for clients through a website. This is where the interactive whiteboard becomes a useful tool in the law firm. Simple touch controls, media sharing and presentations, and SMART response technology brings your firm to a new innovative state without breaking the budget. For more information on the Sharp Aquos Interactive Whiteboard, click here: http://siica.sharpusa.com/AQUOS-BOARD