Docuware in the Cloud, On-Premise, or a Hybrid of Both?

If you’re considering using Docuware to take your office to a new digital level and get rid of all those dusty file cabinets, you may be wondering what your options are: Cloud-Based, On-Premise, or a Hybrid of Both.  Here are the ups and downs of each.

You can expect cloud services to be flexible, easy to use, and based on a transparent cost model. Security is offered at the highest level with multi-step encryption and three-fold redundant data storage.  For you to have the same level of professional security to guard your company against system failure, storage solutions, or upgrading operating systems; your company would need a strong team of IT.
The price is fixed and you only pay for storage space and users as needed.  The performance may lag a little however in comparison with its On-Premise solution, depending on your internet speed, stability, and bandwidth.   

If you prefer a slightly faster system or prefer your strong IT team handle it in house, the on-premise solution may fit your business better.  Also, once it is installed into a data center, Docuware can also extend into private cloud environments.  Like the Cloud-Based version, the On-Premise has flexible licensing to keep the product within your budget. 

Because On-Premise and Cloud Based solutions share the same code base, which ensure matching features and common user experiences, a hybrid model combines cloud based and on-premise deployments, workloads, and information seamlessly moving back and forth with zero interruption for team productivity.  With the Hybrid solution, you have access to documents from anywhere, including accessing them on mobile devices. 
The best way to discover which option is better for you is to contact your local AAA Business Systems office for a demo of the DocuWare product for your office.  A demo will allow you to decide for yourself which option is the best one for your business setup based on need and cost.