How do you get faxes when you’re working from home?

If you’re working from home with homebound kids because of school closings or just quarantining at home with your dog, how are you sending and receiving faxes? Those crucial faxes can’t sit at the office when you’re not able to be there, and having someone sit at the office isn’t always feasible.  

We have the solution for you: Goldfax. Goldfax is a digital faxing solution. It eliminates the need to have analog fax lines, saving your organization on average $40/mo for a single line. We know how even if your fax volume is low, your business requires fax transmission, and a digital faxing solution is a money saver.

Secondly, a digital faxing solution means it digitally routes incoming and outgoing faxes via email.  

Lastly, Goldfax archives fax for up to ten years, which will save you money if your organization is ever audited. If you are asked to reproduce faxes, you can have them readily available quickly and easily with this feature.

Also, Goldfax substitutes the need to add a fax option to your multifunctional copier because you can access all of your faxes through your email. If you’re working from home, we have opportunities to keep your organization’s productivity. Call us at 800-909-4185 and let us help you through some of the bottlenecking issues you have.