Success Story: KNWA & FOX24

On July 26, we installed new fleet of multifuntional copiers and printers at KNWA & FOX24 – Northwest Arkansas & River Valley News in Northwest Arkansas and the River Valley. They’re a new client of ours, and after giving us the opportunity to provide them with a competitive quote, they decided that we offer them the best overall value. We LOVE partnering with new clients, especially ones that represent our community so well!
KNWA-TV and FOX24 News (KFTA-TV) brand delivers the latest breaking news information and alerts you and your family to issues impacting your life and community. KNWA-TV and FOX24 News investigations are uncovering who’s doing wrong and getting laws changed to help better protect your family.
Whether the skies are blue, or storm clouds are near, you can trust the accuracy and reliability of KNWA-TV and FOX24 News Weather Authority, whose meteorologists are tracking weather data and delivering you a more accurate and up-to-the-minute forecast so you can make the right decisions for your family.