Success Story: Natural State Pest Control

 Natural State Pest Control in Lowell, Arkansas installed two new multifunctional printers.  They’re already a client of ours at a branch office but recently gave us the opportunity to bid on competitive MFPs at their main office. After correctly assessing their needs and providing them with a competitive quote, they decided that we bring them the best overall value. We LOVE it when our clients see the value of AAA Business Systems, Inc. and our competitors are sent bugging out and going home!
At Natural State Pest & Lawn, they believe a company’s culture is what sets them apart from the rest of the competition. Any pest and lawn company can kill a bug or get rid of a weed, but not every company can do so with exceptional customer service. Their culture is very important to them, so they want to share it with their customers as well. Their core values come from the acronym B.E.S.T. and they strive to implement these values into their service every day.