Section 179

#Section179 of the IRS Tax Code allows companies to claim the full purchase price of office technology on their taxes if that tech is purchased or leased and installed by the end of 2021. See the full list of technology that qualifies here:…/

Happy People

On our website, you’ll see the webpage “Meet the Team.” As you scroll through, you’ll know that we have photos and bios for every person on our staff, from administration to the service department. Our team is valued, which means if we are happy in our positions when you call in, you will talk to […]

Paying too much for office technology?

  Do you currently have a multifunctional copier, and it’s getting closer to time for an upgrade? If you’re looking into upgrading that equipment, make sure you’re output on volume matches your business’ need, so you don’t overpay. If your current average monthly volume is 5000 pages per month or less, make sure your unit […]

Shop Arkansas

  So this past week, I met with two public school districts in Arkansas. In conversations with the decision-makers, I was informed how they are currently partnering with a technology vendor outside of Arkansas. The technology vendor has a local sales office in our area. However, the company that owns that technology vendor is corporately […]