Do I want to lease or purchase my office technology?

Wondering which is the best decision for your organization? Here are some tips and tricks on insight into how our industry works so you can determine what is best in terms of leasing or purchasing your office technology. 

First, if you’re wondering about desktop printers or multifunctional desktop printers, the average price is going to be around $1,000 before you add-on some additional configurations. When it comes to the low acquisition cost, we recommend purchasing a multifunctional desktop printer.  

However, when it comes to mid-range to high-end production-type multifunctional copiers and printers range in purchase price from $5k to $10k purchase price. For this, we recommend leasing.


Number one reason is our industry’s manufacturers refresh their product lines about once every 3 ½ to 4 years. Therefore, with a 42 – 48-month lease contract, the product line will probably get a refresh, and there will be something of higher quality to keep up with your organization’s demands if your lease on a multifunctional copier is $100/mo. on a 60-month lease, by the end of the lease, you have spent $6k, and you could have bought a $5500 copier outright. 

But, four years into your lease, a new product line will release and may fit your organization better than the current model. With the ability to upgrade your equipment during your lease for an equal payment, it financially makes sense to lease over purchase your new office equipment. 

Additionally, software changes and upgrades affect our office technology equipment, like print drivers, from working effectively. With upgrading your equipment during your lease, your equipment keeps up with your business growth and improves your overall efficiency.