WANT to increase the engagement of your audience and put the FUN back into your meetings?

Our renovations at our Northwest Arkansas location are well underway. Behind me, you will see our Windows Collaboration display. This device is a 70in 4k interactive display. You can write about it. It takes the place of a PC, tablet, and whiteboard all in one device. It has a built-in webcam up there at the top. In the corner is an IoT sensor. What is an IoT sensor? An IoT sensor takes data all of the time on temperature, humidity, CO2 levels, TOVC levels, and motion. What’s the big deal about CO2 levels? Have you ever been to a meeting and felt sleepy? Well, in most meetings, there’s a small room with a bunch of people in it. People breathe out CO2. Therefore, CO2 will make you sleepy. The data on the interactive whiteboard will tell us the conference room is too small for so many people, and you may want to change how many people you have in your next meeting. TOVC levels are the air quality in the room. In the video, it says calmly. The best part about this display is that it can send information back to smart technology. Such as, maybe I’ve got smart lighting in my office, and the lighting changes when a certain amount of people come in. Or the smart technology that controls my heating and air, and the sensor notices it’s getting too hot in the room to accommodate this many people, and it kicks on the AC. Now that is bleeding-edge technology, and we’ve got it at AAA business systems.