WHAT to do with all of that #paper…UGH!

Let’s talk about paper. More specifically, all of the file cabinets full of paper in your office. Those things take up room, and it’s so hard to find a document when you need one. It’s a paper nightmare. If you’re looking for a digital transformation or thought about going paperless, we have the solution.

1.) Paperless. Instead of finding a paper file, you would type in keywords to search for the form you need. Maybe your system is an invoice number, a social security number, or a client’s name, so it acts as an internal web browser. And you can access those documents anytime or anywhere.

2.) Intelligent Indexing. Imagine the ability to scan multiple documents and information on those documents making their way into systems you already use without you having to reenter information over and over again manually. You probably have someone in your organization who has to do that, but it reads all of the information on the documents and digitally files it correctly with Intelligent Indexing.

3.) Digital Workflow. Most organizations still have a paper workflow with documents traveling from department to department to pass information or wait for signoffs. What if there is an easier way to do this with a digital workflow? You can scan in those forms, and automatically a digital workflow is created, and everyone assigned to the workflow is notified of its existence and where it is in the workflow.

We are here to help you become more efficient and lower your overall operating expenses related to office technology.