AAA Business Systems is under new ownership with Wade Timmermann

Wade's picture 

A wonderful addition to AAA Business System’s 37-year-old company is their new owner, Wade Timmermann. Wade Timmermann began his career in the office equipment industry in 1984, where he was hired on as a service technician. During his thirty-plus years in this field, he diligently worked his way from service technician to vice president of Modern Business Systems and from those experiences became president of another renowned office technology vendor and now the owner of AAA Business Systems. His most recent position as President was held for thirteen years, where he took the company from four million in top line revenue with fifty-seven employees to eleven million in top line revenue and ten percent net profit with only fifty-two employees.  During this time, he implemented many new processes to make the people more efficient. These processes allowed them to reduce non-revenue generation positions and add sales positions to grow the company with new customers.   Responsible for expanding, Wade made two acquisitions that are located in Jonesboro, Arkansas and Stillwater, Oklahoma and rolled them under the company umbrella.  Along with growth, Wade has managed the bank relationships, manufacturer relationships, and the company’s balance sheet.  Also, he established a 2.3 million dollar lease portfolio separate from the business that had 1.3 million of debt associated with it.   Wade grew the customer relations, as well.  He put community and customer building projects into play that grew trust for the entire company brand with events like customer appreciation and support for local charities, such as Easter Seals.

Before becoming president in 2002, Wade worked with Modern Business Systems. During his eighteen year tenure there, he worked his way from service technician to vice president of the Iowa market place.  Wade was instrumental in the development of customer relations through the implementation of customer appreciation events. He also improved employee morale by playing to their strengths and weaknesses for their individual success and to the company’s benefit, all while increasing business growth, revenue, and professional development.

Aside from his professional life, Wade has been married for twenty-eight years to his lovely wife, June, and together they have three sons: Cody, Jesse, and Jacob. Wade’s eldest son, Cody, is currently at the University of Arkansas Medical School and his second son, Jesse, is currently a sophomore at the University of Arkansas.  Wade’s youngest son is a seventh grader at Holy Souls.  Quite the family man, Wade has strong roots in Arkansas and a dedication to the office equipment industry supporting Arkansas businesses.

It’s easy to see why Wade would be a great new addition to AAA Business Systems as his experiences and goals fit perfectly with AAA’s culture of strong belief in great service and quality equipment at a dependable price point. Already serving customers like Walmart, Arvest, Mana, Alcoa, and Rogers Public Schools for many years, Wade will continue to grow the AAA Business Systems brand into a trusted business name from large corporations to small business and from nonprofits to education, finding the right pieces of equipment to fit their needs at a price that fits their budget.