Benefits of Cloud Scanning on MFPs

Many multifunctional printers come with cloud scanning technology. Hard copies are abundant even with today’s office world being focused on digital. You’ll get an invoice that you need to place in with your tax records or you’ll have a contract that needs to go into a customer’s file. You need to place these in to your document management system (for this, we suggest DocuWare because it’s an easier application than a drive on your server dedicated to customer files and it has more benefits than other document management applications. For more on DocuWare click here here for the blog post). Since scanning can be troublesome and full of inadequacies, we like using Ricoh’s Integrated Cloud Environment (ICE). Ricoh’s ICE enables scan to email or scan to many cloud-based applications and works well with DocuWare.
Saves Money. The first benefit businesses look for is how much savings is in it for them. Cloud scanning software requires little to no IT support and there is no hardware or software to purchase or maintain except the MFP itself. So if your IT staff is little overwhelmed, no problem. Cloud scanning won’t be an addition item in their job description. You can also take into account that your employees won’t need to spend time searching for hard copies or filing them after.
Convenient. The second benefit businesses want is guaranteed productivity. When you use cloud scanning software you eliminate issues associated with cloud services because there are no lost documents. Cloud scanning is an easy and fast service just by pushing a button on the MFP touchscreen. You will just need a network setup connecting your MFP and computer together. For example, if you use a Ricoh MFP you can scan your document and it will be indexed and stored directly into your DocuWare filing cabinet.
Safe. How about the security? When you use cloud scanning software, like Ricoh’s ICE, you receive 128-bit encrypted transmission for information security and compliance. When you use non premise storage, you’re not at risk for data failure and disaster recovery isn’t a second thought. When your data is in the cloud, your files are backed up to multiple servers, so if one crashes your still safe in other locations.
Mobility. Mobile offices are a guarantee in almost every aspect of offices today. Because you can scan to email and cloud apps, you can reach your files on every device while you’re on the go to meetings, lunches, events, and working at home. With cloud services, like DocuWare, you can have your files ready to go at any time unlike before the cloud where mobility was frustrating, time consuming, and full of issues