Secure Print Release

Secure Print Release, a term sometimes called “pull printing,” is a service on your copier which allows print jobs to be held until you, the user, are ready to be present at the multifunctional printer to take your copies, allowing no one else to view your documents. As our sales representative, Kenny Rohrbach states in the video posted this week: “This is really good for HR departments to keep anything you need confidential.”
It’s simple to use.
When at your computer, use the following steps:
1. Go into properties and select job handling.
2. In job handling, choose retention and hold only.
3. With hold only selected, assign a password to your job.
4. Last, send it to your device. It will hold like this until you go to the device to retrieve your password protected document.
At the multifunctional printer you will:
1. Go in to the prints in the queue, select your print job.
2. Enter your password when prompted.
3. Retrieve your printed document.

Using Secure Print Release is easy for you to keep your documents secure when you print from a centralized multifunctional printer.