3 Benefits of Mobile Printing

“75% of business users say mobile printing value is equal to PC printing.” – Ricoh

Do you ever really go anywhere without your smartphone? Go ahead, consider it for a second. You really can’t think of a place your smartphone doesn’t follow inside of your daily activities. With so many personal and business assisting apps, why wouldn’t you always have it? However, do you print from it? Do you realize how easy that possibility is? Here are three benefits of mobile printing:

1.) Print from wherever you are. Your files are always at your fingertips. I can pick up my own iPhone and show you pictures from a recent project, a spreadsheet in my email, and notes saved from my last business meeting. I’m going to go out on a limb and say you’re the same. However, once you add the ability to print so my documents are waiting on me when I get into the office before my next meeting and you can sign me up! Or, in this case, download the app and connect the printer to it. Now no matter if I’m having lunch, waiting in line at the bank, or lying in bed before going to sleep, I can print and have the documents waiting on me to snatch them off the printer before going out the door.
2.) Hassle-free. What? Technology with no hassles? Bet you can’t believe your eyes. However, with some brands, like Ricoh’s mobile printing solution, anyone can print without the issue of print drivers. Also, it’s still secure with a 256-bit encryption and it’s trackable.
3.) Scalability to Support a Changing Number of Users. If you’re IT, I know you’re dreading this benefit, but brands like Ricoh use your existing security measures. Mobile printing through Ricoh allows guests and employees to print and share information with freedom. The bring-your-own-device trend won’t hold back your IT department for fear of interference on IT security. With Ricoh’s mobile printing, it integrates into your LDAP/Active Directory, print management systems, and mobile device management software.
These benefits aren’t all on just Ricoh, we know Sharp can boast of such benefits too. Plus, both apps are free and available for all your employees to download. Do a little homework to discover which solution may be the best option for you and if you want help deciding contact us or click here for our product demonstrations.