Get Automated

The “Get Automated” Button on our website isn’t new; however, since our website has been upgraded – it’s good for you to know how to get there.  And if you’re unfamiliar with “Get Automated” now is a great time to become acquainted with it.

What is “Get Automated”? You’re always welcome to call us or email us.  However, sometimes calling isn’t an option for you.  The “Get Automated” allows you to view your equipment account. This means:

Place a service call on equipment,

Check your balance and pay your bill,

Order toner on your equipment, and

See service history on your equipment.


Here is where you will find this tool on our website:


It can be found at the top of our website on any page, here:

Or you can find it on our menu under Support, on the page Service Request/Pay Your Bill

Both links will take you to our Get Automated page and you can click on the “Get Automated” button at the top of the webpage.


This will take you to our “Get Automated” website.

You will get a username and a password when you first become a customer of ours.

To make a payment, click on Invoices.  You can set up payments for your invoices by credit card or through your bank. To order toner or place a service call, click on the Equipment Number.  If you place a service request or order supplies, you will get a return email confirming the call. When the technician dispatches, you will get an email confirming your technician is on their way. When the call is complete you will get an email with the technician’s notes of what was done and if the call requires a follow-up. If no follow-up is scheduled, you will receive a survey. These surveys are an important to help us continue to improve and a customer’s name is drawn monthly for a restaurant gift card as a way for us to say thank you for taking the time.  Another important thing to note on is how we can set up multiple users with different permissions. This may prove useful if you don’t want the person who enters meters or service calls to have access to the bill.

The automated system is easy to use, but if you have questions we are always just a phone call away and happy to assist.