3 Ways to Keep Data Safe

We’re all familiar with hackers, cyber-attacks, and information breaches and we know they don’t just exist in the movies. However, what is never discussed is how to prevent them from happening in the first place.
1.) Disaster Recovery Plan – These are created to work in conjunction with a business continuity plan. Technology recovery must consist of strong strategies that focus on as little downtime as possible in the event of a disaster. The impact of data loss or corruption of information from hardware failure, human error, hacking, or malware can be devastating without the proper plan in place.
2.) Paperless Processes Offer Added Protection – As stated in last week’s blog, paperless processes save your bottom line, but they also add an extra bit of protection. Adding a data workflow to your business processes allows you to assign, log, and track data, which in turn increases the security by defining who has access and close any potential workflow issues.
3.) Locked Down Machines and Encrypted Documents – Encrypted documents are possible with a paperless workflow. You can also have smart printers and multifunctional printers which can be locked down with passwords or pins. Just make sure when you upgrade your equipment, you update your disaster recovery plan as well.
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