Can you print high-quality in-house?

I had the opportunity to meet with a client. During my assessment of their needs regarding a multi-functional copier project, we discussed in-house printing, and I asked what they were outsourcing to local print shops. There was a booklet that he handed to me and said, you know we’re outsourcing this because we’re not able to do it in-house. We’ve got other things to use the print shop because our current printer won’t handle this quality type.
However, We have a solution. The type of equipment we sell is the same type of equipment your local print shops use. If you are currently outsourcing anything to print shops, know with our equipment, you can bring that in-house after we complete a detailed assessment and look at the applications you’re running. In the video, we show you a booklet our senior sales representative, Josh Earnhart, showed the client from a multi-functional printer that will run high-quality brochures and other marketing materials.



Therefore, if you’re looking for a high-quality, in-house solution for printing your operational booklets or marketing materials, we have light production multifunctional copiers to suit those needs.  Give us a call or email and we can stop by to discuss your needs and run a free print assessment.  800-909-4185