Winning Team

Last week I had a bit of a loss, and I don’t mind telling you about our wins and our losses because it’s just the nature of the sales business. I recently had the opportunity to win a competitive deal. Now, this deal was specific to a multi-functional copier project, and you know I gave it my
best shot. I assess the client’s needs and talk to them about the different products and services we offer outside of the specific project, which they certainly appreciated and loved. We can manage multiple levels of technology, and during the assessment process, the client had a few questions, so I felt like I probably had a good shot at winning this bid. Then I get the email that the client had decided to continue partnering with their current technology vendor. The one thing this client said in their email which struck me was how their current vendor could provide them the same price you gave us. This comment tells me the current technology vendor came in at a higher price than I did, and they asked their current vendor to price match us.
I completely understand the desire to stay with your current vendor. However, if this is because they could price match and not because the current vendor was able to put their foot forward initially, I see this as they are just taking advantage of you and not taking care of you. We set ourselves apart by listening to your needs, giving you the best value and support for your budget. Ask your current office technology to bring their A-game, even if it is us, because we will bring ours every time.