Cut Sheet vs. Continuous Feed Production Printers

You’re looking for a production printer and websites, like ours: , mention these two options: Cut Sheet or Continuous Feed. Before you purchase your new machine, you want to know what the difference between the two are and how the benefits can apply to your business.

Cut sheet is an option you’re probably more familiar with.  Single “sheets” of paper are bundled up into reams and aren’t attached.  A ream is then placed in a printer to be fed and printed.  An example of this is the Ricoh Pro C9110.

The benefits of the cut sheet option are a speed of up to 130 pages per minute (PPM) and print quality of up to 4800 dots per inch (dpi).

The continuous form option is sheets of paper connected by a perforated edge.  You may remember paper sitting accordion style on older printers, except now the technology inside the printer is better than the output of its predecessors.   An example of this is the Ricoh Pro VC60000.

The benefits of the continuous form option are a speed of up to 1716 PPM and a print quality of up to 1200 dpi.

Major takeaways:  When you’re deciding between the two, decide if your business can benefit from a slightly slower machine that gives a finer quality to the detail in your prints or if you need something faster with prints that on the overall impress.  Have any questions or if you would like to see a demo of a cut sheet production printer and/or a continuous feed production printer, please contact our office.