Happy Retirement, David Bell!


On Friday, December 29, 2017, David Bell retired after more than 26 years of service.  Most recently David has been the primary tech in the Fayetteville area.  Chances are, if your business is in that area, you have seen David and only David as he rarely takes a day off. 

In September 1991, David was hired by AAA Business Systems as a copier service technician.  He started with us as an experienced technician, having worked for a competitor taking care of the Walmart account.  Our Comptroller, Mary Jane Biswell, states, “He was a shoo-in to be our dedicated Wal-mart Home Office Campus technician and ended up taking care of their fleet for almost 20 years.”  For those of you who know David, you can attest to what a great asset he has been to AAA Business Systems.  David always made sure the customers were taken care of – down to the smallest detail.  Our Service Manager, Dennis Anderson, says, “David will be missed on so many levels here at AAA Business Systems.  If you happened to drop a hint that a technician has an issue or error code somewhere, you could turn around 10 minutes later, and David would be handing you all the research on the issue that could possibly be found out there.” 

Mary Jane comments, “Even on his days off we’d notice he’s dispatched to take care of his customer.”  Dennis agrees, “David was one that you had to force to take a vacation, and if he was not out of town, he would be walking through here several times a week to check up on us making sure we knew what we were doing on his accounts.” 

Not so much the morning person, David made up for it when everyone else was ready to pack up and go home at closing time.  Dennis states: “He is going full tilt in the late afternoon and so while everyone is not dispatched and leaving for home at 5, Mr. Bell is still out there and going strong.”  Dennis continues with a laugh, “As a manager, I wonder, ‘Does he need something?  Is everything OK?  Or can I sneak out and go home?”

Aside from us missing his hard work, experience, and dedication, we will also miss David’s great sense of humor, his genuine caring about fellow workers, and his effort to get available employees together for lunch.  David is a great team player and will leave a lasting impression on all that have had an opportunity to meet him.  David, we wish you the best and will miss you.