Digital Faxing Solutions for Education

Schools and universities struggle with faxing documents securely. Due to Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA), education institutions must provide their students access to their records and this is typically transmitted via fax. These documents include: Admission forms, Acknowledgements, Grant/loan paperwork, contracts, tax information, etc. All of these confidential documents are subject to be handled by the wrong people and the education industry is still held responsible.

AAA Business Systems works with a company called GoldFax, an enterprise class fax server software. Scaled to any school or universities’ budget, you are able to send and receive faxes from desktop applications, email, multifunctional printer, or web browser.


With uncontrolled access, no authorization, and limited tracking or reporting, who can guarantee a paper fax reaches the student or parent your confidential document is intended for? GoldFax helps take the guesswork out of good intentions and ensures your important document reaches the right person, not just the fax line.

Lower Costs –

When you’re busy buying fax machines, toner, paper, maintenance agreements, and analog fax lines, you forget how the little fees add up. Not to mention, if you pride yourself in having a “Go Green” initiative school, paper-based fax machines prevent that with unnecessary waste.

Efficient Staff-

Time is wasted when your staff is waiting for important faxes to come through to print or they’re distributing faxes around the office because it’s a shared fax machine. Plus, paper-based faxing isn’t integrated into your staff’s email, financial software applications, or content management systems like GoldFax is.

AAA Business Systems partner, Goldfax, with their software coverts inbound faxes  to electronic image format using Direct Inward Dial (DID). Fax routers view only the first page of received fax for added security. Inbound faxes are automatically archived and integrated. Outbound faxes are sent directly without printing. Our MFPs can be integrated with Goldfax and have organizational standard automatic fax cover sheets. The fax status of an outbound fax comes in your email with a success or failure notification. Outbound faxes are automatically archived and integrated.

To help support educational institutions compliance requirements, Goldfax software provides username and password protected access, authentication and tracking, and can archive all data.

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