More than an Oversized Monitor

The spectacular screen size is apparent, but what is not always known is all the other features the Sharp Aquos Interactive Whiteboard has.  Recently, we did a case study on the City of Tahlequah when we solved an issue they were having with their meetings and presentations not being clear for all their viewers.  The clarity of the screen boasts of Sharp’s UV2A photo-alignment technology and a full-array backlit design.  It’s easy to see why far distances aren’t a problem for viewing.  However, the Sharp Aquos Interactive Whiteboard offers more, such as:


Multi-Purpose Applications

The touch-screen can magnify and keep its clarity for a flawless presentation.  The Sharp Pen is created with a software interface, which is a menu of icons offering pen access and functions.  Even with up to 4 people writing on the board simultaneously, each pen has its own settings to change, such as, color and line thickness. 


A presenter can print documents from the Aquos Board and can scan images into the Aquos Board, even notations made on screen! The Sharp Display Connect software supports handwritten notes and drawings made in real time and can be seen on up to 50 multiple devices (PCs, tablets, smartphones).  If devices are connected on a wireless LAN, the Aquos Board gives the power to share onscreen content, transfer files, display interactive onscreen writing and drawing, remotely control the Aquos Board from mobile devices.

We recommend seeing a demo of the Sharp Aquos Board at our office to see its full capability in person and discover how it will pay off during your next business meeting.