Extend the life of your toner

We all want to get the most out of our toner cartridges. No one enjoys the “please replace toner…” warning that pops up when you have a large print job.


A simple trick to fix this is by shaking your toner.  I could do a dance video demonstrating this, but for now you’ll have to cue the mental music and prepare your own moves.  Don’t start shaking yet though, place a towel, paper or cloth, over the cartridge opening first.  Toner is a fine powder that will not only get everywhere, but can also pose a health risk if you breathe it in or if it gets in your eyes.  Once you have it covered safely, point the cartridge away from your eyes.  Using both hands shake it left and then right carefully 15-20 times and then carefully place it back into the printer.  Don’t force it, but a gentle push until it clicks in will work.  Now this really only works on laser printers and not inkjet.  Laser printers comes with powder toners that can get pressed to the sides inside the cartridge; whereas, inkjet typically comes with ink cartridges.  Ink typically doesn’t cause the same issue with compressing that powder does.  Now let’s finish printing that large job.