Harold Spieckermann

Harold Spieckermann, our Senior Account Manager, may be new to AAA Business Systems, but he’s well-versed in the printing industry. With over 36 years’ experience, Harold joined the AAA in June and we couldn’t have been more excited to have him bring his knowledge to our team.

In 1981, Harold began in the office equipment business at the same company our owner, Wade Timmermann; Modern Business Systems in Central Missouri. Over the course of 13 years, Harold worked his way up the ladder from Sales Representative to Manager. When an opportunity arrived to run two small dealerships, Harold seized it and ran. Making them successful before another great opportunity came his way with Konica Minolta. It was with Konica Minolta, Harold worked for 16 years from Account Executive to Educational Specialist. His most recent assignment, Educational Specialist, lasted 16 years in Kansas City and was within the K12 and Higher Education markets. With this position, Harold was responsible for implementation of programs and hardware into local school districts and colleges. During his time in this position, Harold had two case studies completed on two districts that are shared as best practices with the Direct and Dealer community within Konica Minolta Business Solutions.

Having received numerous achievement awards over the years, Harold and his wife, Peggy have been able to travel to many exotic destinations around the world. Harold brings a solid history of helping current and potential customers, large or small, achieve better efficiencies with their office equipment technology. Even though the industry has evolved to include many facets of document management, storage, retrieval, and disaster recovery, Harold has assisted many clients with the best strategies for their business needs. In his spare time, Harold enjoys being around family, which includes five granddaughters. He likes gardening and yard work, especially if yardwork involves a John Deere Tractor. Also, BBQ grilling and smoking various meats and, if you know of a great Diner Dive or Drive-in, Harold would love to hear about it as he’s always interested in discovering local hot spots. Take time to talk to Harold at our next Technology Tailgate in Fayetteville!