Focus on the people, not the technology

Like dipping a toe in to test the water temperature, many companies have begun introducing cloud software to some of their departments. Businesses understand the pesky problems papers filed in filing cabinets, covering desks, and wasting away in trash bins are causing – security risks, unorganized, and just plain messy. It’s crazy to think that one lost document can cost an employer $700! Going paperless is more than the tools like desktop word, OCR, email, and the internet. It’s all about the process and manual processes are slow, prone to error, cause bottlenecks, and difficult to analyze for improvising.
DocuWare has a solid digital workflow and automation and companies like Kelloggs, Snap-on, Ikea, Sony, and Rawlings are taking advantage of its benefits. Especially when those benefits come with a digital roadmap. DocuWare understands the idea of this technology is to focus on the people, not the technology.
When your employees are focused on their jobs and not excited about new processes that are going to make their jobs more productive, assisting them with working smarter not harder; they tend to drag their feet on adopting new processes which hurts your business and your investment in a more productive workplace. The question is how to successfully achieve user adoption in all departments company wide.
We suggest creating awareness. From executive level down, excitement needs to be built on the upcoming installation. Users who are informed of the benefits it provides them individually, the ease of use, and how the installation will take place have a higher chance of creating positive buzz over going paperless. Our DocuWare team will be coming in, working with your staff and training the day of the installation on how this will improve their current business processes. However, if you paved the way with awareness, your employees will adopt the process faster, bringing you more money to your bottom line.
In the upcoming weeks, we’ll discuss how DocuWare assists each department. And if you’re interested in seeing DocuWare in action – contact us about our next Lunch and Learn.