HEY #Nonprofit’s! Do what’s right for your organization and your donors.


Hey, nonprofit organizations! Are you bidding out your technology projects? If not, why not? I mean, you are responsible for staff members and donors and considering the growth of your organization. I’ve spoken with a couple of nonprofit organizations here recently, both of which told me: “Hey, look, we’re happy with our current technology vendor.
We do not need to change unless something happens and they fall on their face.”
Well, guys, chances are they’ve already fallen on their face, and you don’t know it. These particular nonprofit organizations partner with a vendor in town that is notorious for price gouging and hammering their clients. I have met with so many of these vendors’ clients, and they qualify for substantial discounts regarding health care contracts and nonprofit contracts. Still, the vendor is not telling them what is available. These are deep discounts on your equipment and services, and nonprofits are already qualified.

If you are in the market for new technology or an upgrade and your current contract is expiring, do your due diligence to your organization and donors and bid out to other vendors even if you plan to stay with your current vendor. Hold them accountable to bring their best to you. Keep them honest because you’re a nonprofit organization and money is critical at the end of the day. Here at AAA Business Systems, we will sit down with you and review the contracts you’re a member of and show you how we can help your nonprofit organization lower your overall operating expenses and become more efficient related to your office technology.