SOLUTIONS vs. slinging boxes: Which one describes your technology partner?


SOLUTIONS vs. slinging boxes: Which one describes your technology partner?

We bring real solutions to the table. For example, this past week, I met with a client interested in upgrading their multifunctional copier. When upgrading, the best way to assess their needs is in person. During the meeting, I looked over the office space to understand what the organization’s needs were. They had a multifunctional printer and a desktop black and white printer. I asked the client, “Why do you have this printer sitting here? What is its purpose?”

“Well,” she said, “I print my checks on it, and I don’t want anyone else to use that printer because they’ll be printing on my checks.”

The multifunctional copier had only two paper trays in the cabinet at the time of our meeting. I asked the client, “Well, what if we were able to add extra paper drawers to a new multifunctional copier, and you could put your checks in that drawer and dispose of this old printer that you’re paying money to maintenance and supply with toner?”

She loved the idea because now we were consolidating two devices into an updated multifunctional copier, and she was going to lower her expenses. It was a simple solution by adding just one extra paper drawer to a new device, and the new paper drawer is a budget-friendly addition. After further discussion, I asked her if they were still using fax inside their organization. 

She said, “Yes, It’s a necessary evil. The only person who faxes in our office is the owner when he comes in. Sometimes, he comes in only to fax.” 

I said, “You’re paying for an analog fax line, correct?”

“Yes, we pay through a local company here.”

“What if I was able to eliminate the need to have an analog fax line and route all of your incoming faxes to your email and send outgoing faxes via email?” Her ears perked up immediately. “Not only can we route your faxes digitally, but we can archive them up to ten years and eliminate the need to add a fax board option on your new multifunctional copier.” The savings would be $500-$600 on just this alone!

The conversation went from just replacing one multifunctional copier to a true solution of simplifying their business processes and eliminating the unnecessary costs associated with unnecessary equipment. At AAA Business Systems, we slow the process down and ask the right questions that will ultimately give you guys the most efficient solutions at the most cost-effective price.  

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