How can I get faxes when I work from home?

Many of you are still using faxing in your business, but how are you getting them while you and/or your employees are working from home? Most faxes come through an analog phone line and print on your multi-functional printer or fax machine. Even sending fax still requires that equipment, including the phone line. However, wouldn’t it be less expensive, no extra phone line and equipment, for you to send and receive faxes digitally? Our solution is eGoldfax. It is crucial for those of you who are in a work from home environment. eGoldfax digitizes faxing. All incoming faxes are digitally routed in an email. Then the information can be accessed to be integrated into your workflow. Also, the information is archived. To send faxes, you pull up the document(s) on your computer and enter a fax number ( or select contacts from eGoldfax Cloud Phonebooks. EGoldfax is also inexpensive in comparison to analog faxing. If you would like more information about this inexpensive solution, give us a call. We’d love to schedule a zoom meeting to discuss it more. 800-909-4185 Here’s how we can help: