How to Review your Office Technology with Your Vendor

Here’s the simple answer:

  1. Contact your current technology vendors and ask them for an account review.
  2. They will gather up all the information like lists of the current technology you have, how much you’re currently spending, and you are meeting your contract in terms of volume or not.
  3. When you meet with them, ask them the hard questions if they don’t offer up this information. Ask them how much am I currently spending? Is the current technology I have the most efficient way to do business? Am I meeting my volume means that are built into my contract?

Don’t overspend on outdated technology. When you choose a vendor or review a current vendor, ask them how long they’ve been in business, how many service technicians they have, where their toner, parts, and supplies are stored and are there any current contracts for your industry that offer discounts. Ask the hard questions!