NEED a way to easily search for scanned documents?


Last week, I had the opportunity to provide a solution to a paper-intensive client who scans a lot within their organization. Specifically, right now, what this client is doing is they are taking stacks of documents and they are scanning those through their multi-functional copier back to their desktop. Then they’re going to their desktop naming the file, and then storing those documents on their server or a thumb drive. And as many of you know, scanning is becoming more prevalent within our office environments, especially as we transition from paper-intensive habits into a more digital environment.  The solution I spoke with the client about is what we call OCR Technology. For those of you who are not familiar with OCR Technology. OCR stands for optical character recognition and what that means is when you scan in a document or a set of documents on our multi-function copiers and printers, you can scan those in as searchable Pdfs. When they scan back to your desktop, you can then file those away as you usually would. And when it comes time to FINDING those documents, you don’t have to remember where you put the document or what the name of it was. Because you can search by a keyword like a social security number or the last name of a client that you’re looking for and as you’re searching those PDFs, those documents will pull up automatically based on the keywords that you’re searching for. I mean that there is a timesaver and saves the frustration with having to remember where you put documents.

One of the other cool things I’m going to show you in the video is, as you know, when you scan those documents in, you send those back to your desktop, and they hit your desktop as a random set of numbers. Okay. That random set of numbers is typically date and time based on when you scanned the document, and then at your desktop, you must rename it and file it away as you usually would. Well, on our multi-function copiers, we have a retractable keyboard that will allow you to name those documents right from the multi-functional copier as you scan them. Check this out on the video. Hey, we have solutions. You bring us the problem, and we have a solution for you. We guarantee it.