Printing is expensive. Control it.


Do you want to know what’s going on within your print environment? Do you wonder who’s printing what and where? Are you wondering if that’s the most cost-effective and efficient way to print? If so, we have a product for you called PaperCut.
PaperCut offers several things:
First, it allows your administration to track your print environment.
Therefore, it answers the questions: who are printing and what is printing, where it is being printed, and is it the most cost-efficient way for us to print.
Next, you can set up policies that restrict PRINTING. For example, maybe you have a specific department that doesn’t need to print color documents. Now I can limit that department or restrict it down to one particular end-user from printing color. Or restrict certain types of documents that don’t need to be printed, like non-business-related documents.
PaperCut allows your organization to deep dive into what is happening within your print environment. It will enable you to print off reports that allow you to analyze the data and then make smarter business decisions moving forward.
In addition, PaperCut has security. It has a feature called Find Me Print, and this allows you to hit print and send a print job from your desktop to a print queue. Instead of just immediately printing the document, which can cause a possible HIPAA violation, your print job will sit in the print queue until you release it from a PaperCut managed printer by authenticating yourself at the printer with a username and password or badge/card.
Once you have authenticated the print job, you can delete the job before printing if you no longer need it or print it. The final feature of Find Me Print is your ability to retrieve your print at any PaperCut managed device on the network. Meaning, if your organization has multiple locations, you can print from your office, travel, and release the print from another location’s office without a problem.
Last, one of the newest features about PaperCut is that it can be cloud-based, so the print servers are not required on site. If you’re interested in learning more about paper management and how it can help your organization control printing costs, we would love the opportunity to discuss this with you.