Scan to Cloud Service at Your MFP


One of the coolest features in the print technology industry is the ability to scan documents directly to your cloud service account. With scan to cloud, you can convert scanned documents into a digital format that is editable and searchable to either print, email, or share. You’ll save time with the process automated into one step.
At the touchscreen, a smart panel that operates like most tablets or smartphones, you will log in to your cloud service account, for example, Google Drive, One Drive, Dropbox, or Sharepoint. With a scan, you’ll receive options about the color, format, and size. Your format options include Word, Excel, and PDF. Once it’s done processing and sending, you can see the document come up in your phone, tablet, or computer in your cloud service account.

A little note on security: when some of your documents are locked, you can scan and integrate all of your billing, shipping, AP, and other documents into cloud-based applications. You have quick access to your organization’s cloud services and can enable employees to access route, and print documents from mobile devices, anywhere you are. Security still on the brain? Address your security requirements by adding 128-bit encrypted transmission. Plus it’s easy to search with optical character recognition (OCR). Nothing to lose and freedom to gain!