Why is Volume Important in a Print Assessment?

During the managed print assessment, we discuss with our potential customers how much volume they are running through a particular printing device.

However, what exactly does that mean?

Volume is how much paper are you running through a particular machine. The importance of this question is based on two reasons:
1.) it tells us what type of equipment is best suited for your organization going forward.
2.) this information assists us with securing a more aggressive service rate for you, which lowers your overall operating expenses.

A case or box of paper is 5000 sheets of paper. So here are some facts for you.

Knowing where your volume fits in those numbers helps with a couple of things:
1.) you will avoid service issues bottlenecking your productivity because you are in the appropriate range of equipment, and
2.) this will lower your overall operating expenses because we can narrow down a more aggressive service rate for your organization.

Volume is a huge variable when assessing your needs. Make sure your technology vendors are putting you in the right situation to win.