Solutions for the Education Industry


Hey Education industry, listen up, we have some super valuable information for you. School districts, universities, private schools, as you know, the federal government recently introduced the cares act, which is the coronavirus aid relief and economic security act. What that means is, the federal government has allocated a specific amount of money or funds for you to go out and purchase technology that’s going to enhance how your school district addresses coronavirus. In the next couple of weeks, I’m going to talk to you about what ways we are enhancing the education industry in specific regards to the CARES act.
First, I’ll talk to you about managed print services. MPS is managing multifunctional printers and desktop printers for school districts, universities, and private schools. Specifically, we have technology that is Alexa enabled so you can speak to your device. The important thing about that is you don’t have to touch the control panel or the touch screen of your multifunctional printer.
The touchscreen is a potential hotbed for bacteria and virus germs. Having the ability to talk to your multifunctional printer or swipe your badge at your desktop printer and release prints jobs without having to touch the device, is HUGE.
That is one way we’re addressing the CARES act regarding technology within school districts, universities, and private schools. If you want to learn more about how we can enhance your organization, reach out to us. I promise it’s a valuable conversation.