#TECHNOLOGY vendors can be so BORING, but we aren’t!



Are you tired of having tedious conversations with your technology vendors? Many of these guys are out there talking to you about printers when your printer contract is up, saying things, like: we have the best printer when your current contract is up, and I can lower your price, and I can give you the best cost per page. Man, that is SO boring! Everyone is talking about that. Do you know what they’re not talking about? They’re not talking about the products and services that they don’t offer. Do you know why? It’s because they don’t provide them. They don’t have the product diversification that AAA Business Systems has. I call tons and tons of prospects a week, and they say, you know, we have someone who manages our printers, and we’re happy. And I’m happy that you’re happy, but that’s not all we offer. At AAA Business Systems, we provide Managed Print Services, print, and fax management solutions, A/V technology, including interactive displays, postage machines, plotters, cutters, folders, document management software. Our competitors are talking boring conversations about printers because that’s all they have to talk about. When I get in front of a client and go through our capabilities document, the first thing out of their mouth is, WOW, I can’t believe you offer that many products and services. Finally, somebody who can combine all of my vendors into one company. That is AAA Business Systems. We are not dull. When you have a conversation with us, it won’t sound like the teacher from Charlie Brown. Check out our capabilities document; we even have a guy who wears a cowboy hat on our team!