The AAA Business Systems’ Sales 5 Step Process


Are you curious about what to expect with the sales process?  We’ve asked our tenured account representatives to describe the sales process to take the guesswork of what to expect from first contact to closing and beyond.

1.     Discovery. Perhaps you have contacted our office, or we have contacted yours, in either case, this first contact is where we learn about your business needs.  Your requirements can be software related or equipment related.  Your new prospective equipment may need to have options, speed, volume in black and white and/or color.  We understand you need to know whom you are buying from and we need to understand how your business operates to better understand your needs.  Therefore, please be prepared to answer some questions designed for your business needs.

2.     Educate. After learning about your requirements are for new equipment or software solutions, we discuss what solutions we offer best suite your needs.  We are accustomed and prepared to answer the many questions you may have. 

3.     Compare. With the written proposal we offer you, we show you what you’re spending for your current technologies and process and compare with what benefits of upgrading you receive from the new technology and processes we offer. 

4.     Demo. If you want more information or to see the software or equipment in action, we will schedule at live demonstration at our office or yours for you to see, ask any questions, or test. 

5.     Sign.  You’ve made the educated decision to purchase new equipment or software from us.  Whether it was at our first meeting or a follow-up later, you sign the order and we start the steps of your business partnership support: delivery, training, service, and ongoing support.