The Legendary 5th Color: White, Clear, and, Now, Neon Yellow

Back in 2014, I remember the buzz swarming the office talk. A new innovative toner that will change production printing: white and clear toner. Introduced by Ricoh with their 7110X series, when the first machine rolled in for a customer, we all stood in awe, impressed by the quality. We knew this would change the way agencies, marketing departments, and other high quality print demanding copies worked. Recently, Ricoh announced another toner making its way into your machines, neon yellow.
But why neon yellow?
“It expands the color gamut, enhances images and can be used as a solid or highlight or graphic color. When combined with other process shades, it can create a neon palette,” states Ricoh. It expands the color possibilities already offered with CMYK, white, and clear. With white toner, colors pop on dark paper or metallic surfaces. With clear toner, marketing materials receive a professional gloss. Yellow creates new expectations out of printed materials.
“The Neon Yellow toner will help our clients create more impactful, high quality, vibrant print,” says Benoit Chatelard, Vice President, Production Printing, Ricoh Europe. “There is a market appetite for high quality personalized stand out print and this latest addition to our portfolio will open up a wide number of opportunities.”
Neon yellow may be the first neon color introduced in a series to come, with thoughts of neon pink being next. What could you print with neon pink?