How can I simplify business processes?

  Especially with your technology, how easy would it be to have one technology vendor manage it all? The technology covered is: Multifunctional Printers Desktop Printers AV Technology Document Management Workflow Postage equipment Plotters This is just the beginning of what one technology vendor can manage for you. How simple could that make your life? […]

The Pure Cloud Faxing Advantage

Cloud storage offers more than just not having the complications of the hardware on site.  Your faxes can be scalable, reliable, easy, and secure.  With scalability, you have more virtual fax ports available from eGoldfax’s data center and you’ll never miss a faxed document due to a busy signal.  And you don’t have to struggle […]

Traditional Fax Machines versus Goldfax

Just because the fax machine dates back to the 1840s doesn’t mean that your fax process has to be over 150 years old too.  I’m sure that Alexander Bain, the English inventor of the fax machine, won’t be offended if you update your process for better security and convenience.  Today’s faxing processes, like Goldfax, doesn’t […]

Demystifying Managed IT Services

Your IT is always an investment you expect to work properly and bring you a return with all the profit you’re striving for.  Downtime equals lost profit and that’s not good for business.  You need confidence in your IT hardware and software and a team of professionals to make your technology efficient.  Managed IT Services, […]

More than an Oversized Monitor

The spectacular screen size is apparent, but what is not always known is all the other features the Sharp Aquos Interactive Whiteboard has.  Recently, we did a case study on the City of Tahlequah when we solved an issue they were having with their meetings and presentations not being clear for all their viewers.  The […]

Simplify Your Work Environment

Simplify your office equipment without sacrificing your work productivity Above, you can see an example where every computer is tethered to a printer. What you can’t see is where employees must take their documents to a centrally located fax machine, scanner (which is also tethered to a computer), or the centrally located copier for all […]

Did You Know: We Have IT Services?

Our IT services are powered by Mind Shift, a Ricoh company.  They provide a whole list of services: IT Helpdesk Server & Desktop Backup Server Support Cloud Servers Hosted share point Email Encryption and Archiving Lync – standard Lync – Enterprise Hosted exchange Email Share points ( Multiple )   With each service, there are more […]