This is #Criminal for #Business and #Entrepreneurs


Recently, a prospective client told me how his current vendor has not checked on him once since they sold him a multifunctional copier. That is criminal. If your current technology vendor has not checked on you once since they sold you the technology, you should reevaluate your office technology partner.  An example of how we believe it should be done is:  a current customer called me and said, ”Hey, you’ve been calling on me every six months or so and each time I’ve been telling you how we don’t have any needs, we’re doing great, you’re doing great. Your customer service and equipment service is great. Now I have a need and you’re the first person I thought of so I wanted to give you a shot at it.” That’s awesome! We love to hear our clients say things like this because that’s what AAA Business Systems is all about. If your current vendor is a no show, you don’t know anything about them, or you don’t know who your rep is, allow us to earn your business. I can assure you we will take great care of you.