What Does Managed IT Services Mean?

By definition, a managed services provider (MSP) is an information technology (IT) services provider that manages and assumes responsibility for providing a set of services to clients decided by the client or MSP based on their need.  But what does that mean, really? If you’re a business, non-profit, school, or any number of entities that have computers, you also have a need for IT services.  However, your budget may not support an IT department needed for your IT support.  AAA Business Systems gives you:

·         24/7 clock monitoring, management, and problem resolution without experiencing downtime. 

·         Offsite server backup and recovery for disaster protection. 

·         Anti-spam & anti-virus/malware software, proactively protecting your systems all the time. 

·         Emergency on-site dispatch included, Operating system and device update management, and firewall management. 

·         Plus, our teams are all located local and ready to assist. 

What if you already have an IT team, do you need managed IT services?  Simply put, YES.  MSPs like ours work alongside your IT team and take away the regular management of systems and networks to free them up for projects that matter to your organization.  Examples are new business opportunities, no overtime for late night server maintenance, helping bring products and services to your market faster, thus, giving you a competitive edge.