What Does PPM Mean?

When you look at the specifications as you’re shopping for a new MFP, do you wonder what ppm means? The actual acronym means pages per minute, but what does that really mean for you? First consider how much you and your employees will be printing. Will there be a book of documents in which reams of paper will be used? Or is it mostly 1-2 pages being printed? Is your office more on the digital paperless side or paper based? These questions will answer how large of a number you need for the ppm. If you have a low paper based office, then 20 – 40 is most common. 20 ppm is pretty slow, but it’s adequate for minimal print jobs. However, 20 ppm may try your patience and so 40 ppm may be more your speed. Greater the 40 ppm is great for high volume use, but you can expect to pay more for the speed, too.
To break this down a little further, let’s pretend and say that speed is the ONLY factor that goes into purchasing a new MFP. If your office is producing more than 10,000 copies each month, you may want to look into a MFP that delivers around 40 ppm. If you’re closer to 30,000 copies per month, a speed of 50-60 ppm may be more in your range.
These are just the basics to get you to have a better understanding of ppm before purchasing your next one. If you want a better understanding of how much paper you go through each month, we suggest meeting with one of our account representatives. They are qualified to assess your business needs and help you with the best option that fits your business and your budget.
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