Security in Ricoh Mobile Printing

The popular trend of mobile printing has grown as businesses employ more and more remote employees. Because of this, the need for security protocols has risen. These security protocols should be put into place to protect sensitive information. As the name suggests, mobile printing is the use of a mobile device to send a document to a printer. However, because the owner of the document can be miles away, knowing and setting security protocols in the first place prevents the theft of information.
In this blog post, let’s just unpack the security Ricoh has with its printers.
 LDAP/Active Directory Integration
 Using of your existing security measures
 Integration with print management systems and top-rated mobile device management software solutions.
 Scalability to support a changing number of users
What do these features mean for you? It means that your IT staff will be more comfortable with allowing the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) trend to continue. As far as your users, the Ricoh mobile printing offers:
 Secure release anywhere
 One-touch near field communication (NFC) wireless release
 256-bit encryption
 Mobile APPS
 Print management solutions to track mobile printing and to help reduce waste and cost
Next week we’ll cover Sharp’s version of mobile printing, but for today, look at this YouTube video on Ricoh’s mobile printing here. If you would like more information on any Ricoh product or feature, please contact us, we have product experts ready to assist you!