Josh Earnhart joins the AAA Sales Team as Sr. Major Account Manager

AAA Business Systems, Inc. continues taking its customer service to a whole new level by hiring industry experts. With a career built in the office technology industry, Josh Earnhart joins AAA Business Systems, Inc. as Senior Major Account Representative in July.
Attending school at the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville was enough time for Josh Earnhart to fall in love with Northwest Arkansas and the surrounding communities. After graduating from the Sam. M Walton College of Business with a Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing Management in 2001, he was ready to explore the world of business and make his mark. Josh actually began his career in the office technology industry with AAA Business Systems, Inc. under a previous owner. As a sales rep, he learned what it took to build a solid client base, create outstanding customer service, and most importantly, he learned that understanding clients’ needs and building real relationships with them were key. Experience and opportunity led him back home to Little Rock and to Datamax in 2004, where he quickly propelled himself to Major Account Representative. With goals to provide clients with his expert knowledge of the latest and greatest in office technology, Josh established complete trust with his clients and helped them meet their business initiatives. He prides himself in helping clients lower their overall operating expenses, while increasing their productivity by effectively utilizing office technology and the solutions they bring. Josh Earnhart has reached many milestones throughout his career in the office technology industry, including Sales Rep of the Year, six President’s Club awards, and over 20 other individual sales rep awards. This expertise and focus on customer service gained him the position of Sales Manager at another office technology dealer in Central AR, where he was highly sought out for his expertise knowledge and popularity in the industry. He managed a team of sales reps and taught them that the most important things in the industry were hard work and being able to differentiate themselves from the competition. Josh believes that building a real relationship with a client and understanding what their needs truly are is the real key to building long term relationships that last a lifetime. Now, with 14 years of experience in progressive roles, Josh Earnhart brings his family of four (Wife: Traci and Daughters: Rose and Ruby) and his industry expertise back to where he began his career in the office technology industry, back to AAA Business Systems, Inc. and Northwest Arkansas.